A Vessel of Blessings

Earthly Love Split my Heart

What is it with me? I crave human connection, but the Human Condition breaks me down. Love is something I am full of, yet each person I encounter is limited. Limited as if they don’t have enough to give while I serve as an unlimited source of inspiration. There begins a Spring bloom followed by an extensive drought; the exposure of harsh extremes leaves an indentation.

The Impressionist

Enter into the space you carved made with jagged edges. Make yourself at home and get comfortable. My heart you split in the middle, dwelling in a cave where you made your bed. Blinded by the sublime promise of Spring, you leave me desolate until the next rain.


I kneel before Thee to ask forgiveness for filling a void with that of a human being. I ask that you fill my Heart where it was carved out and emptied and to heal me from these conditions and limitations set upon this world. I render my Soul to you, to fix me into something new so that I can combat this Condition with the correct tools. Reveal to me the Blessings that come with the practice of obedience and faith. In the moments that I doubt, I look up to the spout with an open mouth and let you mend me.

2 thoughts on “A Vessel of Blessings

  1. Never knew these things could pass or would pass your mind seeing you grow up over time and than becoming a woman. But in your writing is pain experiences heart broken moments. But in the end there’s growth , love ,and endurance. This will and has made you happy and will inspire you and others in your writing as it has did me tonight. Thank you, your special keep up the good work.

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