The Exchange


Capturing its Original Essence

When the heart is in love and the soul is in a bind, the mind tends to over-compensate for the impending invasion.  This image came to me after a brief inquiry on Shiva and Shakti, while on a quest to understand the divine energies that created us.  I felt deeply connected to Him and thought I could use science and spirit to prepare us for the next steps in our physical and mental journey.

What Being Left Alone Can Do

There was no particular hostility in the air, it was just a night he decided not to stay in, and I was left to the devices of my brain.  Scanning the radio, I finally landed on a station He made with small tidbits of Song taken from my playlist.  With this came an image of what manifested itself in form of man feeding a smaller version of a woman part of his soul where she seemed to lack life and luster; she took the Life as if she had none within herself.  I was able to recreate this image on an even scale with each energetic field holding its own properties that essentially created our Big Bang.

Before Our Meaning Clears Away

We are a little bit of one another which lets me know there is something greater than us.  We were left to the devices of our own desires of lust, love, and control. We essentially collided, and now it is time to separate and re-create our world’s for what matters the most: Life made from particles of both you and I.



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